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​​​Pet Sitting in East Peoria 

We are proud to offer families pet sitting and dog walking in the Peoria and the Tri - County area. It feels great to allow families an option when it comes to care for their furry family members when they can't take them along. I always feel blessed to do this work and thankful to the families who put their trust in us. I am also thankful to help provide jobs to great people in my community. 

Thank you for all the support. 

Rhonda Stramka

Bonded & Insured


We use all natural and hypoallergenic products. 

Small sweet suds         0 - 15 lbs         $15 - $20                         with style                                           $35                                        

Medium sweet suds     16 - 40 lbs         $30

       with style                                            $40

Large sweet suds         41 - 65 lbs          $40

       with style                                            $55

X Large sweet suds      60 - 70  lbs         $60

     with style                                              $80

External Anal Glands                               $5

Upon Request

Just Toes

Nail Cut                                                     $12

Nail Grinding Only                                  $18

Kitty Brush Out (defurring coat)           $25

Kitty Shaving                                             $40 

Kitty  Bath & Cut                                       $70                                                     

Flea & Medicated                                    $5 - $25

Per size of client.

Thank You!

Attitudes With Tails - Grooming Salon

200 Anna St. East Peoria 

(off of Washington St, behind Dick Williams Law Office)


Emily Ingold reviewed Attitudes with Tails - Grooming Salon — 5 star

June 11 · 

Our Dolly’s cut was adorable and reasonably priced! The environment is quiet and calm as you come in, which helps anxious dogs like Dolly to not be as stressed. We had a wonderful experience.

Our salon was opened with your furry loved ones in mind. We offer range free grooming, with no over booking clients. This allows a low stress environment for everyone.  We want to offer an enjoyable grooming experience as it's such a big part of you and your fur baby's life.  Giving you peace of mind while they are with us is also important. There safety and welfare always come first with us. You'll find we have camera's in our salon if there is ever an issue. We use only all natural products made in the USA.  Call or text us today to try a new experience with us. 


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We have camera's in the salon,  as we take great pride in the care we provide your furry loved ones. Thus if there is ever a issue with care the camera's don't lie.

  Red Cross Trained in Pet First Aid and CPR  ​​

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