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Get our window/yard sign to protect your furry loved ones. Want to help a local animal organization of your choice. You may send a donation for your sign through PayPal. Most local organization use PayPal.

Please use form below and we'll get one to you a.s.a.p.

5 x 5  Weather proof, comes with yard stick for ground

& glue dots for window display.

Community Awareness Resolving Euthanizing

Adoption saved these sweet souls!

One person can make a difference, if you are unable to adopt, maybe you can donate food, litter, treats and most shelters need news papers too. Shelters have a list of items of need on their websites and Facebook pages. Volunteering is a big help too, animals need to be well adjusted to have a chance of going to a new home. Human contact is so important. It helps for them trust again. To calm them and give them self worth. Even sharing post of furry friends in need of a forever homes is making a difference,  you never know when a human will fall in love!

We feel blessed here at Green Acres Pet Services! We love to give back to the pet community. There are so many lost and homeless furry loved ones in this world. We ask that you Adopt before you shop! There are many great organizations in our area that offer help and hope to all of our animal friends. Here is a list that may be able to help you adopt and care for a furry loved one.

Care & Wellness Organizations

                                        Please help end over population that leads to euthanizing animals who just want to be loved.

Just Animals Wellness Clinics    (815) 830-6568     Affordable basic care, vaccines, Heartworm Testing,                                                                                                                                   FIV/FELV Testing, Flea & Tick Preventitive              

Visiting at Peoria & Pekin Tractor Supply Company 

Big R in Washington, Lopears Poochie Playground,Peoria

Local Adoption Shelters

CISAR Shelter                                                                  (309) 724-8241    Colfax 

Foster Pet Outreach                                          (309) 682-1122    Edwards 

S.A.M.S. Stray Animal Midway Shelter     (309) 565-4821    Hanna City 

T.A.P.S. No Kill Shelter                               (309) 353-8277    Pekin                                

The A.R.K.  Animal Shelter                              (309) 246-4275    Lacon

We are proud to offer families pet sitting and dog walking in the Peoria and the Tri - County area. It feels great to allow families an option when it comes to care for their furry family members when they can't take them along. I always feel blessed to do this work and thankful to the families who put their trust in us. I am also thankful to help provide jobs to great people in my community. 

Thank you for all the support. 

Rhonda Stramka

Bartonville, Bayview Gardens, Creve Coeur, East Peoria, Edwards, Dunlap, Germantown Hills, Groveland, Marquette Heights, Metamora, Morton, North Pekin, Pekin, Peoria Heights, Washington, West Peoria 

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  Red Cross Trained in Pet First Aid and CPR  ​​

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